Gianluca Squarcia

Gianluca Squarcia

Computer Scientist

About Me

Hi! I'm Gianluca and welcome to my mini portfolio website. I'm a Computer Scientist and in the last two years i've been working as Software Developer and IT Specialist. I’m currently based in Rome, but previously i lived in Turin and Pisa.

At the moment i'm working as Software Engineer for HCL Technologies in Rome. There are plenty of ways to reach me on this page if you’re interested in a collaboration or want to follow my work.

Other Interests

I’m extremely passionate about Technology and Innovation in all it’s forms and i like testing and playing with them as soon as i face a new challenges. Aside from "Nerd/Geek" stuff, I enjoy spending my time watching sports, going out to run to finally waste all my efforts by tasting every types of wine and food with friends.

Latest Projects


TIM OPEN, The new Developers Community provided by TIM

TIM OPEN is a resource management platform designed to help developers during the development and the design phase of a new software solution and finally driving them towards the monetization of their efforts.

The whole platform is built around two key elements represented by an “Easy and Quick application development” and “Monetize your job”. Joining the developer program, the developer can access a portal providing all the required resources and tools (APIs) needed during the development phase. Resources include a detailed and user friendly documentation and a wide set of samples to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

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Iveco ANS

Website B.E. Smart - Building energy

Reduce energy consumptions and save your money by reaching a better coupling of energy production and energy demand: we want you to be involved into the challenge!

Connect to the platform: you will be able to manage your appliances’ consumptions and costs. Will you postpone dishwasher cycle to save money and reduce emissions? It is up to you.

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Iveco ANS

Iveco ANS - Assistance Non Stop

Development of a functional platform for non-stop assistance based on Microsoft Dynamics Crm 2013. The project is meant to replace the existing Sap Crm based software solution for Iveco ANS process with a new Microsoft Dynamics based one pursuing higher usability, better system performances, multiple process / functional improvements and a deeper integration with other processes and sytems.

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Other Projects

Http Sender

Http Sender - Android Application

Test your server-side script with Http Sender! Http Sender is a simple application that works like a fake client. It allows users sending Http requests using a Get or a Post request including an arbitrary number of attributes. User can also decide whether using Json Encoding or not to encapsulate data.

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RecOrganizer - Android Application

RecOrganizer is lessons recording application. It lets you record the audio of your classes with your phone, save the record tagging it with university, lesson theme, class name etc, and sharing the content with university community through DropBox. You can also search for online and offline recorded lessons with a simple user interface. I used DropBox Android API to provide the full file-sharing integration.

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Rate-It - Android Demo Application

Rate-It is an Android demo application for a polling platform I worked on during my thesis work. It lets you create a survey with different survey techniques (likert scale, yes/no, open question, multiple answer test, thumb rate, range rate, Schulze method) or answer to an existing survey created by another user. I used Facebook Android API to manage user login and to share polling results on facebook. This app was part of a bigger project that provided a polling platform implementation based on a graph database developed using Neo4j Framework. I used PHP to develop Web Services and to communicate with database.

Work Experience

Software Engineer - HCL Technologies, Rome, Italy (Current Job)

TIM Internship at ICT Solutions & Service Platforms - TIM, Rome, Italy (2015 - 2016)

During my six months internship at TIM I have been working as IT Specialist in the ICT Solutions & Service Platforms Team for the definition of the new platform TIM OPEN. In this period I have been involved in the definition of the system requirements, benchmarking several solutions available on the market as PaaS solutions, IaaS solutions, API Management Systems (Apigee, 3Scale) and API packages from internal and external sources offering several kind of services (Authentication, Payments, Telco functionalities, Semantic analysis). Furthermore, these analyses included the study of the related business models to better understand the adopted revenue sharing policies. At the same time, I have been involved in designing and implementing the onboarding process for platform developers. This task required a deep requirements analysis from a developer perspective to allow them to easily upload an application on the portal through a simple and user friendly wizard.

Software Developer (Consultant 2) - Reply Cluster, Turin, Italy (2014 - 2015)

I worked as software developer for customization and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and i was involved on developing server and client side solutions for our customers. During this first working experience, I learned working with a big team in a distributed environment.